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Square One is a designer and manufacturer of custom built, compressed gas and cryogenic equipment.  Starting from the source of gas or liquid, continuing through the pipeline distribution system to the final point-of-use, if it controls pressure or flow, Square One products are the way to go.  From simple regulators and valves, to complex gas manifolds, gas mixing systems and gas distribution systems, from general purpose to ultra-high purity, a custom designed and built system from Square One is sure to please most any client, from doctor's and nurses, to facilities engineers and laboratory technicians.  Each and every Square One product is carefully designed in Ohio and manufactured to your specifications with components sourced from leading, North American manufacturers.

Our fields of expertise include, but are not limited to:

- Analytical Products for Laboratories, Research Centers, and Universities

- Architectural Products for Hospitals and various types of Healthcare Facilities

- Clinical Products for Hospitals and various types of Healthcare Facilities

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